Why You Need an IP Consulting Firm

Innovative inventions and patents are what you think about when you hear the words intellectual property. Starting with an IP consulting firm to help take your idea from concept to a patented invention isn’t all there is, it’s just the beginning.

After an initial patentability review is completed, based on prior art and a patent review process, an IP consulting firm will work by your side and help you perfect and complete your patent claims and concepts while improving the potential of getting your invention through the law firm approval phase and then the USPTO patent application process.

Success! You have a patent! Now what do you do?

Your IP consulting firm is able to make additional recommendations with regard to additions to new patent families, concept alterations or additional technology recommendations to help ensure the concept and all its applications are covered in the parent patent.

IP consulting firms can help patent owners who have an open application, aiding in the ideation and patent creation process of filing additional patents on a pending open patent application in order to gain the benefit of an early priority date from the original parent application. The IP consulting firm can also participate in office actions and other responses to the USPTO to ensure all additional patents are issued in a timely manner.

With help from your IP consulting firm, a patent ideation plan can be created that pools market and industry specific patent filings and claims to improve chances of a successful patent issuance. This process, called a Patent Block, can potentially block competitors from developing their own patents or holding a large segment within your patent vertical. An IP consulting firm is an important ally when building or strengthening your patent monetization efforts.

An IP consulting firm can also help existing patent owners with suggestions for adhering to procedures related to patent marking requirements. This is a critical and often overlooked requirement of patent ownership and mismanagement, lack of understanding or missing one part can frequently lead to irreparable damage to a patent or portfolio. Services like this from an IP consulting firm are of great value to a wide range of clients including inventors, new products, R&D, small and large corporations.

After you have received your patent, what do you do if there is infringement from other parties?

An IP consulting firm can offer litigation support by providing damages analysis, infringement analysis, and countersuit opportunities. Patent litigation is a lengthy and expensive process that encompasses volumes of documentation and data. Processes are available that can help filter through this information and determine valuable data points to assist in the internal decision making. An IP consulting team may be able to assist in damages calculations, or to find potential opportunities for a counter suit, or expansion of the original complaint. They can also assist in securing third party experts, or attorneys to create claims charts, or provide legal analysis.

In conclusion, partnering with an IP consulting firm goes hand-in-hand with a robust IP strategy that aims to identify, evaluate, capture, protect and attain valuable IP assets.

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