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The patent process can be confusing and alienating for inventors who can find themselves asking:

  • How do I patent a product?
  • How do I contact the patent office?
  • How much should I pay to patent companies?
  • How can I sell my patent?

Our services are straightforward and transparent so you know exactly what comes next.

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IPN Patent Creation Work Phases and Fees We Charge:

1. NDA / IPN Simple Concept Capture and Simple United States Prior Art Search. $1,000 *Includes 50% refund of fees if the concept is found unpatentable from The IPN or selected law firm (additional fees may apply for selected law firm review).

1a. NDA / Concept Capture and Premium Prior Art Search – (Varies by user selected law firm and search options)

2. Invention Ideation Process and Single Patent Filing - $5,000

2a. Prior Art Workarounds for Patent Novelty for Potentially Problematic Prior Art - $1,000 - $2,000

3. Additional Patentability Recommendations for Continuation and CIP Filings - $1,000 - $2,000

4. Provisional Application or Product Design filing for Patent Family Creation and Application Filings and follow up post USPTO Response plus Patent Continuation or Patent Continuation In-Part Filings - $3,000 - $10,000

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IPN PATENT REVIEW, IP VALUATION AND IPN MONETIZATION SERVICES (Priced on a case by case basis to provide our customers with “more for less” by offering the most competitive patent analysis and patent consulting pricing in the industry)

IP VALUATION REVIEW – IPN process that provides a deep analytics’ driven review of IP assets delivered in a clear and concise report. Portfolio valuation is a data managed process driven by the IP team where several sources of data and analytics are used to review a patent’s strengths, weaknesses, industry coverage, license categories, marketplace strength (current and future), invalidity analysis, prior art, similar portfolios, and identification of companies who license IP in the same space. This data is filtered by the IP team and turned into a concise report for client delivery.

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MOTHBALL or ABANDONED IP ASSESSMENT – IPN Process that helps inventors and companies identify unlicensed or underused patent potential across latent patents and other underutilized inventor or corporate IP assets. This IPN process is used to identify, assess, and make recommendations to indicate new areas of patent coverage, value and recommendations related to licensing, litigation, and monetization potential. This process improves the chances for transformation of under the radar patents into corporate assets. Learn more

IP FAMILY EXPANSION (OPEN APPLICATION TO ISSUANCE) – IPN Process that helps patent owners who have an open application by assisting in the ideation and patent creation process of filing additional patents on a pending open patent application in order to gain the benefit of an early priority date from the original parent application. The IPN will also participate in office actions and other responses to the USPTO to ensure the patent is issued in a timely manner. Learn more

PATENT CLAIMS CRAFTING – IPN process that assesses the current patentability potential for a patent concept or a specific idea across a selected industry or market vertical. Secondary claims coverage analysis is generated for each specific vertical and analyzed to provide recommendations to assist attorneys in the claims crafting process to strengthen specific claims coverage across a desired industry vertical. Learn more

PATENT BLOCK – IPN process that assesses the current competitive patent landscape across a specific idea, concept, industry, market vertical and can help identify under patented markets. The IPN will create a patent ideation plan that combines market and industry specific patent filings and patent claims crafting to improve chances of a successful patent issuance. The process can also potentially block a competitor from advancing patent coverage or owning a large segment within a patent vertical. Learn more

IP MARKING ASSESSMENT – The IPN team helps existing patent owners with recommendations for adhering to procedures related to patent marking requirements. This is a crucial and often overlooked requirement of patent ownership and mishandling or lack of understanding or missing one element can often lead to irreparable damage to a patent or portfolio. This service is of great value to a wide range of clients including inventors, new products, R&D and small and large corporations. Learn more

INTEGRATION INNOVATION – This offering is wholly unique to the IPN and provides a proprietary process that helps evolve new ideas and opens countless opportunities for each company or inventor who participates in the IPN networking and “Ideation Integration Innovation” process. Learn more

PATENT OUT LICENSE ANALYSIS – The IPN assists in determining marketability and licensing potential and maps out potential paths to license for a single patent or across a broad portfolio of patent assets. Learn more

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– Proprietary IPN service that utilizes a step-based ideation process that utilizes a team group think idea crowdsourcing process that can generate multiple patentable ideas from just a single ideation session. The process is used to generate new ideas within a group of select employees or across entire employee pools. Learn more

UNPROTECTED IP OPPORTUNITIES – The IPN will analyze an inventor idea, single patent or company owned patent portfolio and identify industry coverage in order to identify lack of patentable coverage within an industry vertical in order to identify opportunities for unabated industry specific IP creation. Learn more

IP LICENSING LANDSCAPE – he IPN will take an existing patent or patent family and identify licensing potential for patent owners. The IPN will help connect patent owners with appropriate licensing representation to make an arm’s length approach to discuss a patent’s licensing potential with potential licensees. This process has numerous advantages to help ensure patent discussions are in the spirit of collaboration versus taking an adversarial approach to patent licensing discussions. Learn more

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– The IPN will identify and connect IP owners with receptive connections within our patent network and will identify, introduce and connect IP owners with new parties of interest for license or sale of IP assets. Learn more

PORTFOLIO PAIRING – Using the IPN’s extensive network within the IP industry, we can discover untapped synergies for IP holders in disparate industries and open up new opportunities for revenue streams through IP licensing, IP collaboration, or Joint Ventures. Utilizing our extensive network in the IP industry combined with our ability to analyze and map patent relations, allows us to find undiscovered partnership opportunities across previously unidentified or untapped verticals. Learn more

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IP ADJACENCIES – IPN utilizes a data driven process where we seek to find alternatives to traditional means of settling infringement disputes between direct or indirect competitors, and to avoid costly litigation, while finding a true win-win situation. Similar to our IP Matching service, our IP Adjacencies service seeks to provide two key benefits to IP holders. First, we attempt to create an alternative to patent attorneys and costly litigation. Mediation through analysis is a data driven process that consists of a deep review of the IP holdings of the companies in dispute in an attempt to find undiscovered partnership, or joint venture opportunities that will not only allow you to avoid the lengthy and costly litigation process, but will present new revenue opportunities that will dwarf any potential settlement through litigation. Secondly, we can examine your entire industry and find the direct or indirect competitors that present interesting and potentially lucrative IP collaboration opportunities. Learn more

OPPORTUNITY ARBITRATION – Helps assist patent owners in licensing, litigation or PTAB review and can help assist in arbitrating patent and licensing disputes to help ensure a patent is licensed and no patent claims are lost in the litigation through PTAB actions, which can often result in costly loss of patent claims or invalidation of an entire patent. Learn more

PATENT LICENSING THROUGH POOLING – The IPN utilizes its community of inventors and companies and reaches out to newly identify matched inventors and companies utilizing a proprietary patent and concept matching process to discover, identify, connect and unlock new pools of related patent ideas to strengthen the coverage range across a specific idea or market vertical through patent pooling of IP assets. Learn more

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IP THREAT MATRIX The IPN takes an existing patent portfolio and identifies new or known competitors who are creating Intellectual Property in a similar space or inventors or companies that could be a potential threat to the forward progression and area of coverage for any owned patent. Learn more

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LITIGATION SUPPORT Using several sources of data and analytics we can assist your team in the litigation process by providing damages analysis, infringement analysis, and countersuit opportunities. Patent litigation is a lengthy and costly process that involves volumes of documentation and data. Our processes can help sift through this and discover valuable data points to assist in internal decision making. Using our proprietary algorithm, we can assist in damages calculations, or using our infringement analysis to find potential opportunities for a counter suit, or expansion of the original complaint. Also, using our extensive network within the IP industry we can assist in securing third party experts, or attorneys to create claims charts, or provide legal analysis. Learn more

PATENT COMPARISON The IPN takes a pair or group of similar patents and provides claims and specification coverage analysis related to a groups of patents owned by the same entity or groups of patent from various inventors, industries, companies to identify shared concepts and idea similarities and differentiators between patents in the same patent class or across like minded concepts. Learn more

ASSIGNMENT AUDITS and CORRETIONS IPN Process that utilizes an assignment audit, correction, and makes best practice recommendations related to patent assignments. Process ensures you are prepared to demonstrate the necessary rights to assert a patent. The inability to properly convey patent ownership rights can undermine your efforts when trying to create or enforce intellectual property. The IPN will conduct a full audit of your intellectual property assignments to ensure that assignments properly demonstrate current ownership, and when necessary will assist in the correction of improper assignments or other identified errors. Learn more

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INVENTOR RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT The IPN works directly with inventors in all stages of the ideation process from the initial idea seed to patent marketing, licensing, and sale. The IPN will leverage our entire network of inventors and companies to increase and mitigate each step of the patent creation process. Learn more

ADVANTAGES OF WORKING WITH THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY NETWORK The IPN patent creation process is wholly unique and provides our clients with a deep analysis of their idea or IP assets using several sources of data and analytics processing. We provide our clients with unique insights related to the successful creation and expansion of new ideas that result in an issued patent. We evaluate and qualify our findings using our proprietary patent creation and patent and concept fortification process. The IPN expertise has resulted in an extremely high issuance rate for patents where we participate in the patent creation and monetization process. Our team also has a successful record related to our participation in past employment and with organizations that have a focus on licensing, sale and monetization of patent portfolios. Learn more

We are experts in a wide range of data driven IP creation tools and processes that include analyzing patent categories, strengths, past litigation, prior art, and numerous other data sources. The IPN also has vast experience in the identification of alternatives to traditional avenues of IP monetization. Learn more

IPN can identify joint venture opportunities within groups of companies in disparate industries where the synergies may not be apparent. We attempt to discover win-win situations where IP collaboration is paired with a strong foundation of experience that utilizes a data driven ideation and patent creation process that leads to greater potential for patent monetization opportunities. Learn more

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